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How to use GPS navigation in Maps

When you use GPS navigation in Maps, you can get directions to a certain destination. Remember, first you need to set up your mobile phone for Internet and activate GPS.


Find "Maps"

  • Press Maps.


Plan route and start navigation

  • Select one of the following options:
  • Enter destination, go to 2a.
  • Select favourite location as destination, go to 2b.
  • Select a previously used destination, go to 2c.
  • Select a contact address as destination, go to 2d.

2a - Enter destination

  • Press Search or Address.
  • Key in the required destination and press Search.

2b - Select favourite location as destination

  • Press the select destination icon.
  • Press Bookmarks.
  • Press the required destination.

2c - Select a previously used location as destination

  • Press the select destination icon.
  • Press Recents.
  • Press the required destination.

2d - Select a contact address as destination

  • Press the select destination icon.
  • Press Contacts.
  • Press the required contact.


Start GPS navigation

  • The selected destination is displayed as a point on the map.
  • Press the start navigation icon.
  • Press Start.


Use GPS navigation

  • The navigation window with information about your route is displayed.
  • The time of arrival, travel time, travel distance and the next step are displayed at the top of the display.
  • Follow the verbal instructions or the instructions on the display to go to the selected destination.


Exit GPS navigation

  • If required, press anywhere on the display.
  • Press End.


Return to the Home screen

  • Press the Home key to end the session and return to the Home screen.


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